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Probiotic Lattes sadly not returning

Probiotic Lattes sadly not returning
These are the Probiotic Lattes that aren't returning :(

Super quick Matcha Tea - By Sabina

Super quick Matcha Tea - By Sabina
Here's how you make a super quick Matcha Tea when the craving hits you for something hearty and warm! By Sabina at Yummy Tums  

A Refreshing Mint Matcha Latte - By Emma

A Refreshing Mint Matcha Latte - By Emma
Emma Harrel, the supertalent when it comes to food and photos made this refreshing mint matcha latte using our Matcha Latte Mix. Here's what she h...

Shortbread Biscuits with Matcha Icing - By Emma

So Emma Harrel, the super talented food blogger and photographer did these mind blowing shortbread biscuits with matcha icing!  Its pretty impress...

Quick and easy way of making Matcha Latte - By Vidya

matcha latte wellness lab
The talented food blogger and photographer Vidya made this beautiful Matcha Latte using our Matcha Latte.  Here's what she has to say about it:  ...

Marble cake ideas!

marble cake recipe wellness lab
Here's just a little tip - you can add our Vegan Hot Coco and Matcha Latte Mix to your cake recipes. Two of our bloggers just wrapped these marbl...

How to make Gut Loving Lattes

How to make Gut Loving Lattes
The colourful pots of gut loving lattes are super easy to make. We made these slightly more decadent than usual but you can swap Condensed Milk fo...

Matcha Mango Loaf

Matcha mango cake recipe wellness lab
Mango Matcha Cake anyone? If you're thinking of making a loaf or a cake using Wellness Lab Matcha Latte Mix then you can try a mango matcha cake....

Matcha and Almond Loaf by Pragya

Matcha and Almond Loaf wellness lab pragya
Our amazing blogger Pragya  wrapped up these gorgeous Matcha Almond Loaf using our Matcha Latte with probiotics! She's shared the recipe with u...

How to make Matcha Latte at home? Or make it Iced!

matcha latte recipe wellness lab
Here's how you can make a quick and simple Iced Matcha Latte at home, pack full of antioxidants and probiotics! -Use half a teaspoon of Wellness ...