3x POUCH Marine Collagen Powder - Wellness Lab Ltd
3x POUCH Marine Collagen Powder - Wellness Lab Ltd

3x POUCH Marine Collagen Powder

Wellness Lab®

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Type 1 & 3 | 10.000mg | Hydrolysed | 100% Natural | Unflavoured Powder | All 9 Aminos | NO Additives | 45 Day Supply | Halal & Kosher Certified Best Marine Collagen UK powder!

You can mix with any flavoured superfood powder to make a healthy cup of probiotic collagen tea!

SAME GREAT COLLAGEN - NEW PACKAGING ★ NO plastic scoop is included but the daily 10g will measure approx. 1 tsp at home!

Sustainably Farmed,NO Additives / Colours/ Fillers/ Preservatives /Hormones/Antibiotics/Dioxin/PCB used in our Fish!  

We offer only the Cleanest Marine Collagen on the Market 100% ★ Fish Skins Only ★ Always Lab tested.    

 CONTAINS ALL 9 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS. The Ones that Our Body cannot manufacture but Needs to Repair Muscles and other Major Components. It Dissolves Best in Hot Drinks (teas, coffees or soups), Please Stir Well When Adding to Cold Drinks. BEST TO USE A MIXER for Smoothies, Great as a Cooking and Baking ingredient :)

PRODUCT´S PERFORMANCE The Product is Known to Improve Skin´s Appearance and Reduce Joint Pain. This Is Not a Medicine. It´s a Dietary Supplement. We Only Offer Supplements that We Believe are Made to Heal. Please read more information about our collagen in >info tab. Tip for adding to cold juices: Make a paste first with hot water, then top up with juice. Please Stir Well When Adding to Cold Drinks. 

 SUPPORT Joints, Muscles, Cartilage, Ligaments and Tendons with the help of 99.9% Amino Acids. IMPROVE YOUR Bone and Hair Density, Skin´s Elasticity and Radiance, Body's ✓ COLLAGEN TYPE 1 &3, 10.000mg Per Serving, Help Initiate New Collagen Molecules in Your Body to Support Gums, Teeth, Eyes, and Blood Vessels.

 OPTIMUM ABSORPTION as it´s Hydrolysed and Powdered. Stir Well Right Away when Adding To Hot or Cold Drinks, Juice, Coffee, Smoothie, Oatmeal and Protein Shakes. Eat it, Drink it or Cook it. Make Your Own Collagen porridge, Collagen Cappuccino, Collagen Soup, Collagen Smoothie, & Dessert!

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