3x POUCH Marine Collagen Powder
3x POUCH Marine Collagen Powder - Wellness Lab Ltd

3x POUCH Marine Collagen Powder

Wellness Lab®

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Difference between white and black pouch/tub: Type 1 | 9000mg Protein per 10g serving | Higher Essential Amino Acids Content 17.9% than our other Collagen | 90% Protein | Contains Naturally occurring Calcium | Dissolves perfectly in Cold and Hot drinks!

You can mix with any flavoured superfood powder to make a healthy cup of probiotic collagen tea!

★ Hydrolysed | 100% Natural | Unflavoured Powder | 45 Servings | Halal+Kosher Certified | Sustainably Farmed | Made in France | Packed in UK | NO Additives, Colours, Flavours, Fillers, Preservatives I NO Hormones, Antibiotics, Dioxin, PCB in our Fish!

 We offer only the Cleanest Marine Collagen on the Market  100% Fish Skins Only I Always Lab tested. 

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