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Chocolate Milkshake | Plant Protein & Fibre (out of date)

Chocolate Milkshake | Plant Protein & Fibre (out of date)

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Vegan | 180g | 36 luxury cups | High Fibre (19g) | Source of Protein (12g) | Only 16 calories per cup | Dazzling aroma & taste | 100 % Natural

Tasty and lightly sweet Vegan Cocoa Vanilla Latte Mix for making a divine Cocoa Latte, Milkshake, SmoothiesMocha Coffee and even Dalgona!

NO Milk Powder | NO Thickener | NO Stabiliser | NO Added Sugar

★ Ingredients: Per pouch (180g): Avocado Juice Powder, Cocoa Powder (35% ), Raw Cacao Powder (15%), Natural Flavouring Granules, Liquorice Root Powder* This blend is slightly sweet (natural) so if you liked our other Vegan Hot Chocolate Powder, but wanted something sweeter, we're sure you'll love this!

*People suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

★ Latte: Add 1 teaspoon (5g) to hot water and stir a little to dissolve the powder. Top up with warm or frothed milk. Or add to your favourite coffee and enjoy a sweet cocoa flavoured coffee!

★ Iced Latte: Add a teaspoon of powder and add cold milk of choice. Froth it up with a milk frother, then pour into a glass, add ice cubes!

★ Shake it: Smoothies & MilkshakeScoop 1 teaspoon of powder into a blender and top up with ice cold water or milk. Add yoghurt, ice cream and other ingredients of choice such as frozen fruits, seeds and berries. Blend well and serve with coconut.

★ Bake it: Why not add this tasty blend to cakes too? Just add the powder to the cake batter and keep calm and carry on baking as normal! Add 2-3 tablespoons to your recipe such as banana cake, brownies, marble cake or try making a decadent chocolate spread or chocolate mousse.

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