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Fruity Berry Latte with Probiotics

Fruity Berry Latte with Probiotics

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The Berry Latte Mix is fruity and sweet! It's vegan too! 23 Servings per pouch


Ingredients: Raspberry (freeze dried) Baobab Fruit Pulp, Goji Berry, Lucuma, Beetroot and 1 BILLION CFU of Probiotics per serving!


 To make Berry Latte or Berry Tea use 2 teaspoons (8g) per serving and add to hot water or hot milk. Also add to smoothiesyoghurts, Iced Tea, Cakes, Milkshakes or baked goods! Supports the Guts, Intestines, Bladder and Immunity. Red Berry blend is Fruity, Alkalising and full of Antioxidants!

 HIGH STRENGTH Probiotic STOMACH ACID RESISTANT and remains dormant throughout tea brewing, baking, cooking and freezing.


 25 BILLION CFU IN BAG - MIN 1 BILLION CFU p/serving. NO Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives used, unlike Probiotic liquid supplements! Great for Gut Healing after Antibiotics intake.


 SCIENCE BACKED PRODUCT  10x more effective than Yogurt Cultures and is Stomach Acid resistant unlike many other cultures l Over 27 peer reviewed research studies supporting its Safety and Efficacy to improve gut pain | This Berry Latte is an alternative to getting 1 BILLION CFU's from probiotic pills or liquid supplements.


Watch how to make delicious Red berry balls with probiotics! By our amazing Sophie!

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