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Why I use Wellness Lab products -By Cayetana

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As someone who suffers with gut health problems for over 3 years, I’ve come to realise the importance of taking care of the bacteria inside our microbiomes & just how this affects our physical and mental health.

This consists of a complex community of microorganisms which live in the digestive track of human beings. The gut flora is an essential part of keeping our health and immune system regulated.

With busy lifestyles and environments which are constantly changing, our microbiome – which is like a finger print ( totally specific to each person and slightly different from your siblings or parents) needs optimum health and nurture.

The nutrition, exercise and supplements you take are all factors which affect the state of the gut flora which can also be influenced by illnesses, stress, age and medication.

Wellness Lab's products include:

I’ve outlined some of the benefits of these products to help you see why I feel so passionate about them and why this brand is so inspiring!

Spicy Turmeric Latte with Probiotics 

wellness lab turmeric latte

Curcumin OR Turmeric has been proven to drastically increase the body’s oxidant capacity, also improving brain function as it contains bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal properties. This Indian spice can be taken as the much in style Turmeric lattes or otherwise as whatever you like.

Find what feels good and go with it.

Turmeric Latte’s / Iced Tea option.


1 cup plant based milk (I use sugar free Oat milk Almond milk)

4g Wellness Lab Turmeric Latte (half a teaspoon)

1 teaspoon pure honey or coconut sugar (OPTIONAL.)

Sprinkle of cinnamon


  1. Heat the milk into a small pan and wait until it gets steamy
  2. Pour this concoction into the milk and stir until warm.

Ensure the mixture doesn’t get to a boiling point as this will damage the antioxidants!

You can have these daily, as they only add Nutrition into your lifestyle however make sure to use a healthy milk and as little sugar as possible. The honey is only optional if you are not used to the Turmeric taste!

For Athletes and Strength Trainers: / FACTS:

– Helps for Lactic Acid build up and post workout recovery.

– Promotes healthy joint action and inflammatory function.

– Supports production of proteins helping regulate the natural cell function

Minty Matcha Latte with probiotics

wellness lab matcha latte


Bamboo whisk

1 cup plant based milk ((I use sugar free Ecomil or Plenish)

4g (1/2 tsp) Wellness Lab Matcha Latte

1/2 teaspoon honey or coconut sugar


Boil the kettle and add a small amount of water to the matcha powder in a bowl. Whisk with bamboo whisk until a paste is formed.

Whilst doing this, warm up the milk.

Add the Matcha paste into the milk and stir. Add honey (optional.)

For Athletes and Strength Trainers: / FACTS

– Increased energy after workouts (natural caffeine)

– Metabolic boost

– Inflammatory oxidants

It is advised not to take more than 2 cups of matcha a day due to its caffeine content. 

Collagen Peptides - How to take:

marine collagen wellness lab

Marine Collagen peptides are best taken in the morning after the fasting process which takes place during your sleep. The proteins in the collagen will balance your gut flora and stabilise blood sugar levels which is crucial upon waking up. Not only does this help keep you full during the morning but it boosts your metabolic rate and energy levels. However, you can also add the powder into sweet treats and mix it into yogurt or other hot drinks and smoothies! If I haven’t had enough protein during the day, I will add it into other foods.

How to take:
1 Scoop into a glass of warm water or tea.

I personally prefer it in tea as the taste completely dissolves if there’s another flavour. Having said this each collagen product differs from the next so it really does depend on the branding and dosage.

Berry Latte with probiotics

berry latte wellness lab

This berry powder can be added to yogurt, smoothies, cakes or simply hot water! Whatever takes your fancy.


Scoop heaped teaspoon into a mug or whatever drink / latte / food product you decide to add it to.

1 billion CFU of active cultures are provided per teaspoon!


These are low sugar & low carbs making them the perfect health boost to add to your bevs!

Remember, a healthy gut is about NO STRESS. These products are fabulous as they aid in the relief of bodily stresses and alleviate inflammation.

NO STRESS = Healthier gut.

STRESS = unhealthy, bloated and upset tummy and digestive track.

I’m now absolutely hooked to these products. Not only does Wellness Lab deliver good nutrition, but it delivers quality, which is difficult to find.

I’ve found myself using the berries with cultures every morning in my breakfast bowl to boost my Gut health and energy along with a Matcha Latte in the afternoon to keep me going and the occasional Turmeric latte in the evening for that immune system boost!

Collagen is also a favourite as it increments protein into my diet by mixing the powder into my tea in the mornings and into new recipes.

I absolutely love these and couldn’t recommend them more!

Written by Cayetana at Lunita et Stellae


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