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The Story

Hello fabulous!

I’m Elin, the founder of Wellness Lab and here's the story of how we started blending, shaking and baking.

I started adding marine collagen to my coffee in 2016 when I became interested in its health benefits for joint pain. I’m a hobby sailor and love to spending my time boating and at that time I was 26 years old and suffering from joint inflammation in my knees.

wellness lab marine collagen story

I tried various types of collagen from bovine, marine, capsules to powders in my attempt to find collagen that would easily dissolve in hot drinks.

Adding collagen to my morning coffee is how I wanted to use it, it would be quick and easy to add this to my diet in this way but I also tried it in various food and drink. I’m still at it today and I probably made myself a collagen boosting smoothie this morning!

Seeing the benefits of collagen, the science behind it and the clinical trials conducted on it, I became obsessed with one particular type of marine collagen powder that dissolved like magic in my coffee. To my surprise there weren't that many marine collagen powders out there and I thought this collagen is too good to be hidden away from others like myself that need it. I put myself in contact with industry leaders to learn more about it and soon enough Wellness Lab was on the production line with Marine Collagen.

We were adamant that the tubs and pouches should offer 454g of powder so that our customers can have at least 30 days of real results if they take 10g per day. Today our marine collagen is our bestseller and quickly we started producing superfood blends so you can combine the two and create more colourful lattes, smoothies and baked goods packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and probiotics.

Blending since 2016 and now we’re here!

Today Wellness Lab is a small but a mighty team of industry experts, latte specialists and foodies. Wellness Lab is a science backed and research led nutrition lab that believes in beautifying coffee, gut loving lattes and skin glowing smoothies. We know that good joints, guts and skin start from within and we are on a mission to make you a nutritious colour popping food with our Marine Collagen and Superfood Lattes

BLEND IT, SHAKE IT and BAKE IT with ingredients that are just as fabulous as you!