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Probiotic Superfoods

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All our Probiotic Powder have been lab tested for safety and efficacy of the spore. Survival of the spore in brewed teas has been verified by our spore counting test in the US. Each 4g serving provides approx 1 billion of cultures and you can choose how many servings a day you wish to take. Unlike probiotic liquids and capsules, our product does not contain preservatives. It's a good alternative and the powder can be used in baking, cooking and hot or cold teas!

We use only the best superfoods in our teas, sourced from a leading tea manufacturer in the UK. Our spore is from the US and has undergone all relevant clinical trials, it's achieved GRAS status and FDA review. As always, our products are packed in the UK for Wellness Lab Ltd.

The powders are incredibly versatile and can thus be used in various applications. 
Matcha is best as tea (no whisking needed!) or matcha cake recipes!
Berry is fruity and great in teas but also in cupcakes or smoothies!
Turmeric is slightly spicy and is delicious in golden turmeric tea with frothed milk and in soups and curries!