The story

I´m Elin, a, Icelandic sailing enthusiast and founder of Wellness Lab.  My story began in 2013 when I started sailing in Lisbon. I became fascinated by the fitness and endurance of the every day sailor. It inspired me to start a range of sports and health products that I could take myself as a part of my sailing lifestyle. I wanted to create products that contained no preservatives or artificial ingredients but could also be added to my favourite drinks and meals. I wanted my customers to be able to boost their recipes by adding raw ingredients from Wellness Lab to their smoothies, fruit juices, tea or just coffee!

To achieve this mission, I wen't on a long journey to produce truly versatile and functional products that I'm convinced you'll love too!
I teamed up with leading UK manufacturers to produce a range of natural products with science backed data to support its safety and efficacy. One thing led to another and Wellness Lab Ltd was established and a small production by a sailor girl started! 
The first product in the range was Omega 3 oil, using cod sourced in Norwegian and Icelandic waters. I knew this product very well being from Iceland where it's stable supplement. It's used all over Scandinavia and taken by children and people of all ages. Norway and Iceland have the best quality fish oil and one of its major benefit is that it enhances the cognitive function of the brain.


The second product was marine collagen to improve sore joints and muscles.  After long periods at sea, I had muscle and joint pain in various places. With collagen being on the market for decades, it had extensive safety data when used over long periods. The heavy metal content is also significantly low and the actual fish meat is used for further consumables, meaning that the quality is way above the fish that is sourced merely for their skins.  

Biocity wellness lab ltd

Wellness Lab is dedicated to innovation in the field of life sciences and food. Our Probiotic Tea got awarded an i innovation grant for the forward-thinking approach to the industry.

Once again, we've partnered with the best manufacturers in the UK and they have been a tremendous help in achieving the colours, taste and the feel that we visioned for the range and of course we make sure that NO artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or sweeteners are added to our products!






Yours, Elin Traustadottir