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Vegan Hot Chocolate

wellness lab marine collagen vegan chocolate

Vegan Hot Chocolate | 10g Plant Protein | 80% Chocolate

Our vegan chocolate is made out of four ingredients; Cocoa 50%, Raw Cacao 30%, Pea Protein & Rice Protein making up the rest. As with all our products there are no sugars, sweeteners or artificial ingredients added to this blend to make it taste sweeter. In most mainstream hot chocolate products found on the shelves of big retailers, you'll find fillers and sweeteners as this makes the product cheaper and taste sweeter. We don't do this as we'd much rather fill our pouches with delicious raw ingredients and have our customers choose if they want to add any sweetness to it. You can always add coconut milk which makes your cup sweeter or just sugar. 

We hope you love this blend as much as we do! Here are some recipe ideas for you to try out: 

 ★ For Hot Chocolate: Use 1 heaped teaspoon (10g) of powder and add hot water. You can add another spoon of chocolate if you prefer it a bit more chocolatey. Add milk if you prefer it milky. 

★ For smoothiesScoop 2  teaspoons of powder into a  blender and top up with ice cold water. Add yoghurt and other ingredients such as frozen fruits, seeds and berries. Blend well and serve with coconut chips.

★ For lattes: Use a teaspoon of powder and milk of choice. Add to a pitcher and froth well. Pour into a mug and sprinkle with the powder for a classic latte look. 

More than just a drink! 
Chocolate is one of life's little treats. Once considered  a gift of the gods, it’s been consumed with passion since the discovery of the cocoa bean in Central America. We at Wellness Lab decided that there should be a guilt free hot chocolate treat available for the everyday choco fan. Our blend is rich in fibre and plant protein, making it a healthy choice whenever that choco craving erupts! 

vegan hot chocolate wellness lab

Did you know that a cup of hot chocolate or iced chocolate is an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals?



What’s even better is that our vegan hot chocolate has added plant protein (3.3g) and 2.5g of fibre per cup! 

Natural sugars 0.68g
Carbs 1.7g
Healthy Fats 3.3g
Salt 0.01
ONLY 29 calories per cup
NO milk powder
NO thickener
NO stabiliser
NO added sugar


That's why we call it guilt free hot chocolate.