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wellness lab marine collagen PURE MARINE COLLAGEN HYDROLYSED

Our Collagen is type 1 & 3 and delivers 10.000mg of collagen per serving. It contains ALL 9 Essential Amino Acids!

Collagen is a naturally occurring structural protein in the body and is necessary for the creation of bone, cartilage, muscle, skin and ligaments. Collagen is responsible for the elasticity and strength of our skin, hair, nails, blood vessels and eyes.

As we age, natural production of collagen in our body slows down. Marine Collagen helps initiate new collagen molecules in our bodies and maintain it's youthful radiance and performance.

Key highlights from the manufacturer:

SKIN > Human clinical studies have shown that daily oral usage of our collagen improved skin firmness and reduced wrinkles on belly, face and forearm. Additionally it showed preventative effect against skin dehydration.

JOINT HEALTH > Type 1 collagen is the most frequently occurring collagen in the body. It is present in skin (75%), placenta, bones (90%) tendons and ligaments (80-86%). Our collagen can provide the amino acids which make up for collagen in these tissues. Furthermore it may also increase the dietary absorption of calcium3.

WOUND HEALING > Amino acids found in collagen are a critical components in fibroblast formation, wound contraction and scar formation.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT > As a dietary protein it plays a role in weight management due to protein´s effects on satiety.

MAXIMUM ABSORPTION > The enzymatic hydrolysis offers a high purity degree of protein, acquired by ionic demineralization and filtration. It is highly bioavailable and bioactive  for the best efficacy.


For anyone wanting to keep fit and engages in regular exercise and healthy eating. Our Marine Collagen is a special formula for sportspeople who need the addition joint and muscle care. It's additional benefit is the maintenance of radiant skin, hair, eyes and nails. We have had customers with skin problems such as psoriasis and acne reporting excellent results of their skin clearing up when they take Marine Collagen.

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Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

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Our Marine Collagen is 100% hydrolysed protein powder and gives you the optimum absorption potential there is. It mixes easily in with water, hot and cold drinks, smoothies and juices. No cluttering  when stirred efficiently and highly absorbable by the body. It can be used as a post-workout protein as it helps with weight management, stiff muscles and increases sports performance. If you wish to mix it in with your breakfast, it's excellent in the pancake batter, oatmeal, porridge or cereals. It gives drinks and food a rich creamy texture without the fishy odour or taste!


Our Marine Collagen is made from 100% fish scales and skin. It's collagen type 1 and 3 and the hydrolisation breaks the collagen down into molecular fragments without reducing the beneficial components. Type 1 collagen It is the most abundant collagen protein in the body. Type 2 collagen may be limited to only articular tissues.

Collagen type 3 : 3 - 5%
Collagen type 1 : the rest.

Marine Collagen serves a wider market due to consumer preference for fish and its high content of amino acids. It's sourced in the waters of Europe, manufactured according strict EU requirements and packaged in the UK for Royal Resource. The product is high grade, bioavailable and bioactive. For each 100g of protein: 44% Amino Acids of which 16,7% are Essential. It has NO fat or carbohydrates and is low in calories. 

Contains ALL 9 Essential Amino Acids!
Amino Acid 44% per 100g
Glycine 20.9g
Proline 12.6g
Hydroxyproline 10.5g
       All 9 Essential Aminos 16,7%
      Threonine 2,7g · Isoleucine 1,5g · Lysine 3,5g
      Valine 2g · Leucine 2,6g · Tryptophan 0g
      Methionine 0,8g · Phenylalanine 2,3g · Histiadine 1,3g
       Balance 39,3%
Aspartic acid 5,1g · Alanine 8,3g · Arginine 8,9g 
Serine 3,5g · Tyrosine 0,4g · Glutamic acid 11,6g · Hydroxylisine 1,5g
        Total: 100%

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Fat FREE • Preservative FREE • Carbohydrate FREE • 100% Natural

Kosher+Halal Certified • Natural & Sustainable • Hydrolysed

Supported by human clinical studies.

ISO9001:2008, ISO:22000 certified by SGS (Quality Management System)-under which GMP standards are met (Good Manufacturing Practise)

marine collagen wellness lab ltd



Fish scales is a product of the fish that often ends up unused as a landfill. We are proud to contribute to a better usage of the fish by producing collagen. Be mindful of the environment when you shop from us. Also, please reuse the plastic tub. 


Unique collagen peptide profile acquired by enzymatic hydrolysis.

High purity degree of collagen: 99.8% acquired by ionic demineralisation and filtrations.