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Vanilla Collagen Type 1 & 3 | 18 servings (out of date)

Vanilla Collagen Type 1 & 3 | 18 servings (out of date)

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Type 1 & 3 | 24.00mg per 10g | 180g | Marine Collagen Peptides | 100% Natural | Essential Aminos | High protein | Healthy fats vanilla collagen | 18 servings-only 83p per serving.

Recommended daily: 10g (2 teaspoons) which contains 2.4g of Marine Collagen. This Vanilla Collagen uses the same marine collagen as our unflavoured collagen. 

Ingredients: Avocado Juice Powder, Marine Collagen (25%), Natural Flavouring Granules (7%).

Vanilla Latte: Add 2 teaspoons to a mug, add brewed coffee and stir. Make it yummy by frothing milk and sprinkle the powder on top.

Iced Vanilla Coffee: Scoop 2 teaspoons into a tall glass and add a little hot water and stir. Then add cold brew coffee, ice and top up with milk. Stir well. If coffee ain’t your thing, just replace with milk. It's also ideal in baked goods!

Smoothie/Milkshake: Add 2 teaspoons to a blender, 1 cup of yoghurt, milk or ice cream, add ice, banana and almonds. Blend until smooth and top with banana slices.

Why Vanilla and Avocado?
The two very different plants, both native to Mexico, are a magical pair when it comes to making a tasty vanilla latte with marine collagen. It can be done with tons of different ingredients, but more isn’t always merrier! Simplicity wins here but hear us out for some tips: It’s best to add the powder to a little hot water to perfectly dissolve the marine collagen before adding milk and other ingredients. We love using almond or oat milk which tone nicely with the sweet vanilla and the nutty avocado flavour.

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