UK's Best Marine Collagen Mixes!

Hello and welcome to your one-stop shop for the tastiest collagen on the market! Get your daily boost of collagen protein & dietary fibre by adding it to coffee, latte, smoothie & recipes. 💯 Natural!

5 mins collagen coffee

Why is choose our Marine Collagen?

It's Collagen Type 1 & 3

Which are the types of collagen found in skin, hair, nails, major blood vessels, organs.

It's 100% Natural + Halal + Kosher Certified

We only use one natural ingredient in our collagen, even our flavoured versions are only natural superfoods and carefully selected by our experts (no flavourings, additives, fillers etc)

It's Certified Sustainable + Zero Waste Committed

We commit to reusing 95% of the otherwise discarded fish skins. We also commit to releasing 7x less of greenhouse gases than other types of farming.

See results in 30 days with our 45 days tub/pouch

Clinical trials shows improved skin hydration, firmness, reduction in wrinkles and joint pain in 2-4 weeks. Our large tub/pouch gives you 45 servings to fully try it out.

It's 10.000mg Protein p/serving

That's because nothing is added or removed. Many other collagen brands add fillers, artificial flavours and ingredients we can't even pronounce.

It's Higher Bioavailability Than Bovine Collagen

Hydrolysis results in very a small molecular weight of marine collagen, meaning it's absorbed effectively by the body.