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I'm so much more supple since I started to take the Collagen daily and my shoulders and hips don't ache at the end of a shift... I take it in my coffee every morning and if you use the smoothie maker it makes an amazing Cappuccino.

Elizabeth Blythe

Helps a lot. I'm new to collagen and wasn´t sure. Also I have put this in my morning smoothie for the past two days and my psoriasis is already starting to clear up and my face is really glowing. Thank you!!

I. Mcguire Mayes

I'm using the Collagen for a week adding powder to a coffee and I can say that pain in my joints totally gone. Good product, fast delivery. Thank you


We love this Turmeric Spicy Blend Tea, with Bioactive Cultures, it has a delicious kick to it, which is so healthy and leaves you refreshed and energised. 
As the mother of a young son on the autistic spectrum, I'm delighted to add this to our family's daily meal times, and tea breaks! 
Highly Recommended, Thankyou!


I was enjoying using the collagen last year & the benefits to my hair, skin etc was wonderful. Surprising bonus was that taking the collagen regularly seemed to quell my appetite & I lost quite a lot of weight whilst using it as part of my daily routine. I have no hesitation in telling my friends & family about how good this supplement is - indeed I also spoke to my facial clinician & showed her your products & she informed her entire client list about it.


Quality product, I have taken collagen for about 6 months now. I notice the difference when I've stopped taking it for a week or two.


I bought the probiotic turmeric as an alternative to coffee as I drink a lot of that. The taste is delicious and super morish. I combine this with the wellness lab collagen in my morning cup and it works really well. Feeling healthier already 👍🏼 Think this will last a while too as a tiny amount goes a long way!

Beth Armstrong

Our testers started with the Berries with Cultures and the packaging immediately scored points with its clear message of ´Instant Drink, Plant Based, Total 50 billion CFU per cup´. This was so easy to make, I added water and one heaped teaspoon. It mixed very easy with a quick stir, no lumps. A few berry ´bits´ floated to the top, giving it an authentic look. It had a lovely deep red colour, and the flavour was ´very berry´, sweet with a slight sour twist, refreshing and warming at the same time. I found the Matcha and Turmeric flavours to be as intense, with the Turmeric having a spicier edge, and the Matcha having a good helping of mint to balance its earthiness.

Taste Test by The Food Chain-The Business of Food & Drink

I have been taking the Marine Collagen for almost 6 weeks. The first and foremost thing I noticed was that my joint pains had gone within a week. My skin is clearer ad plumper, and my nails add terrestrial finally growing without breaking! I'm on my second tub now and hope to continue taking the product.



We are Future Food Awards Finalists!

We are Future Food Awards Finalists!

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Wellness Lab featured in Food Chain - The Business of Food & Drink 2019

Wellness Lab featured in Food Chain - The Business of Food & Drink 2019

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Collagen is more than protein building blocks.

Collagen is more than protein building blocks.

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