Hydrolysed Collagen Powder with Vitamin C

Hydrolysed Collagen Powder with Vitamin C

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Hydrolysed Marine Collagen with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is well-known as one of the best immunity boosters. Strong  immunity is critical for our well-being as lack of vitamin C can make you more prone to diseases.

Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid, helps our body form blood vessels, muscle tissue and collagen. Vitamin C cannot be produced naturally and hence we need to get it by consuming food such as leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. However, even after consuming these your body may not get enough Vitamin C.

It has been clinically proven that vitamin C supports collagen synthesis in the body, and hence consuming collagen powder supplement along with vitamin C is highly beneficial. Vitamin C is known to boost collagen’s youth-promoting properties to support an even, glowing, and agile complexion. Please note that if your body already has sufficient or optimum levels of Vitamin C then opting for a collagen powder fortified with Vitamin C may not help deliver any additional benefits over and above what a collagen powder without Vitamin C will. Wellness Lab provides you with an option to choose Marine Collagen Powder and Vegan Vitamin C as a separate product.

Health Benefits of Marine Collagen

Among collagen’s many health benefits, the increased skin moisture is at the top the list. Increasing type I collagen levels can help your skin look firmer, increase smoothness, and help your skin cells keep regenerate and repair normally. Collagen achieves this by improving skin elasticity and skin hydration. Clinical trials have shown that people who supplement with marine collagen have a decrease in wrinkles and improved skin hydration and firmness. Apart from improving your skin, marine collagen also improves joint health and relieves joint pain to some extent, strengthens the connective tissues and may improve gut health. 

Why Collagen Supplements?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, and hence is critical to support the body’s function. Collagen is formed through chains of amino acids, the essential building blocks in our body. Natural collagen decreases as we age, which can lead to health issues such as pain in joints and bones, and cause skin to wrinkle. The deterioration of collagen production cannot be completely stopped, but with collagen supplements we can at least improve the skin moisture and increase hyaluronic acid levels.

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