vitamin d3 algae source wellness lab

100% non-GMO algae in our Vitamin D3

vitamin d3 algae source wellness lab

Our vitamin D3 is produced using 100% non-GMO algae. NMR testing has shown it is chemically-identical to animal sources of Vitamin D3 including sheep’s wool grease (lanolin) and animal carcasses, therefore it can be used as a direct substitute to animal derived vitamin D. 

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has approved several peer reviewed health benefits of Vitamin D including:  

  • Maintenance of normal teeth.
  • Normal thyroid function. 
  • Regulation of blood calcium levels.
  • Maintenance of normal bones.
  • Normal growth and development of bones in children.
  • Maintenance of normal muscle function.
  • Normal function of the immune system.

Unlike sheep’s wool, the extraction process uses zero pesticides, so the chance of residual pesticides is non-existent in the Vitamin D3 ingredient that is used in Wellness Lab vitamin D3 tablet. 

Vitamin D3 offers all of the benefits of Vitamin D. It is in the form of D3 (Cholecalciferol) which is the form the body naturally produces. Our Vitamin D3 ingredient is of 100% plant-source making it suitable for everyone including Vegans and Vegetarians.


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