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How much collagen should I have?

How much collagen should I have?
How much collagen should you have? Can I take too much collagen? And when will the results show?

What makes Marine Collagen Superior?

What makes Marine Collagen Superior
Better Absorption  Fish collagen consists of smaller peptides (pieces of protein) than bovine sources and hence is 1.5 times easily digested, abso...

Collagen is more than protein building blocks.

Collagen is more than protein building blocks.
Bulletproof has just got this article spot on. What is marine collagen good for? Read it here!

Collagen Peptides for athletes.

How much marine collagen per day wellness lab

Why collagen isn´t just about beauty! 

Alert: It may give you glowing skin!

Dermatologist´s tips on best beauty supplements.

best beauty supplements collagen vitamin c wellness lab
Why collagen supplements and Vitamin C works!

1 Month using Collagen- results!

Collagen for Skin wellness lab

Read some fantastic results on skin after using collagen for only one month! 

Why Collagen Peptides and Vitamin C?

Is marine collagen vegan wellness lab

Why you need to be buying pure collagen peptides and vitamin C.

Here´s how good the collagen is-says one of our customer!

marine collagen type 1 and 3 uk
  Here´s what one of our customers wrote about our marine collagen!  Read the fantastic review here: