Wellness Lab News

Wellness Lab News

Wellness Lab News

Hi it’s me Elin, founder of Wellness Lab!💫

Just want to give a few updates of what’s happening in the Lab right now!

New Vegan Vitamin D3 has just landed! It’s the sunshine vitamin we desperately need at the time during indoor lockdown living!

Our new immunity booster bundle (Turmeric Latte, Vegan Vitamin C and Vegan Vitamin D3) is also available. Ideal for boosting your immunity before you’d rep out of your isolation bubble!

With every immunity bundle you get a free hand sanitiser too! Until they run out! 

Our new vanilla range is dropping soon too, ANYONE who's signed up already up on wellnesslabltd.com gets a free vanilla sample in exchange for survey based feedback! (UK only)

So much to love and less to spend! All our bundles save you money!


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