Why I'm a vegan - By Sabina

Why I'm a vegan - By Sabina

Why I'm a vegan - By Sabina

Hi everyone! My name is Sabina, the owner of Yummy Tums

I've been doing vegan recipes for Wellness Lab, using their vegan superfoods with added probiotics. 

I want to share my health journey with you and how I arrived at veganism.

Eight years ago my husband Mike and I found ourselves not enjoying eating meat and dairy products any more. One day we decided that we'll cut all animal products from our diet and start eating whole foods to gain more energy and to improve our overall wellbeing.

Back then we didn’t know anything about veganism or that such thing even existed. All we wanted to do is to eat whole foods and feel better for it.

Was it easy? Honest answer is - no.

Why? Because we found ourselves taking ages in supermarkets reading all the product labels when purchasing our food. Only then we realised how much unnecessary stuff is being added to the food we eat. Also the habit of grabbing the same stuff on weekly basis and throwing in our trolley had to change!

Our main challenge 8 years ago was that it seemed impossible to find any plant milk, dairy free spread, plant burgers, sausages, bacon and all the luxuries that can be enjoyed on plant-based diet today. So we had to buy nuts and make our own milk, we would buy fresh coconuts and make coconut milk and then we would juice unbelievable amounts of fruit and veg!

Being consistent, patient and determined, cooking everything from scratch and learning along the way about new ways of cooking our food, we started to adopt new ways of thinking about food which has surely paid off. Why?
Because we’ve gained more energy, Mike has lost all his allergies (no more asthma, hay fever or eczema), I no longer catch the cold every 2 months and we both have stronger immune system and our food is so much more exciting and interesting!

I feel very passionate about making delicious food, that is why I've created Yummy Tums. It doesn’t have to be complicated food, the trick is using simple, quality ingredients to nourish and satisfy our taste buds and body. Good healthy food isn't boring or tasteless and cooking doesn’t have to take hours either!

I love sharing what I do and I hope you enjoy my recipes on Yummy Tums!



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