Festive Matcha - By Rebecca

Festive Matcha - By Rebecca

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Check out Rebecca's first matcha inspired brekkie! This brekkie will be perfect to enjoy among all the festive treats and snacks on those days you want to give your tummy a little break from all the excitement. The probiotics in this matcha will boost your gut from the inside out!

If you haven't tried matcha before it tastes not to dissimilar to green tea but even more fragrant! I love it mixed into yogurt so this morning I put some chrimbo tunes on and made myself a matcha parfait, here's the recipe':

20g of @kelloggs.uki protein granola

200g of Greek yogurt (half a pot)

1 tbs of maple syrup

1 tbs of Wellness Lab Matcha powder

2 tbsp of chia seeds


Mix the last 4 ingredients together and leave for at least an hour so that the chia seeds have time to puff up!

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