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Vanilla Collagen Smooths - By Anitha

I have been taking collagen supplements since 6 months now and have been seeing quite a lot of benefits. But one thing that I noticed is that most collagen powders don’t taste well which can be quite annoying. Recently I got introduced to Wellness Lab which offers a range of Marine Collagen Powders that are flavoured too. I tried their Vanilla Marine Collagen Powder and added it to my smoothie. It tasted amazing!

You can also add this Collagen powder to your daily coffee, latte, oats or anything else! ⁣ ⁣Alternatively, if you want to try my smoothie, here’s the recipe:⁣

Add one banana

Add chopped dates⁣

Add few raspberries ⁣

Add 2 teaspoon of Wellness Lab Vanilla Marine Collagen Powder⁣

Finish it off with some Almond Milk⁣

By Anitha

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