Vegan Rainbow Cheesecake WELLNESS LAB  RECIPE

Vegan Rainbow Cheesecake - By Sophie

Vegan Rainbow Cheesecake WELLNESS LAB  RECIPE

Ou master cheesecake maker Sophie @moonchild_recipes just threw this Rainbow Cheesecake together as if it was no big deal!🌈🍰
If you want to achieve this magic, here's what you need and what you do:


1/2 cup ground oats 
1 cup walnuts 
1/2 cup pecan nuts
6 medjool dates 
2 tbsp liquid coconut oil
2 tbsp maple syrup 

pinch of Himalayan salt

2 cans full fat coconut milk
4 tbsp coconut butter
4 heaped tbsp corn flour
1/4 cup maple syrup 
1 heaped tsp wellness lab probiotic matcha powder
1 heaped tsp wellness lab probiotic berry powder
1 heaped tsp wellness lab probiotic turmeric powder
1 heaped tsp hibiscus powder

1 tsp butterfly pea flower powder


  1. Oil a 7” base releasing cake tin with coconut oil 
  2. In a high speed food processor combine oat flour, nuts, salt, dates, melted coconut oil & maple syrup until it forms a ball
  3. Spread the mixture evenly covering the base of the tin
  4. Place into the freezer while preparing the filling 
  1. Gently melt the coconut butter over a low heat until just melted & remove from heat 
  2. Mix corn flour with the melted coconut butter until a smooth runny paste is formed then set aside
  3. In a high speed food processor combine the canned coconut milk & maple syrup
  4. Pour in the coconut butter & corn flour mixture & continue blending until smooth, thick & creamy 
  5. Divide mixture into 5 separate bowls
  6. In each bowl blend a different powder, matcha in one, berry in the next, turmeric in another & so on until you have 5 different coloured/flavoured mixtures 
  7. Remove base from freezer 
  8. Start assembling the cheesecake by spreading the first layer of mixture over the base 
  9. Place into freezer for 20 mins before adding the next colour/flavour to ensure you get beautiful layers
  10. Repeat this method for each colour/flavour making sure the previous layer has started to set before adding the next on top
  11. Once all colours/flavours are layered place into the freezer for at least 2 hours to set properly (can be made the day before) 
  12. Remove from freezer 40 minutes before serving  
  13. You may wish to topped with edible flowers for that extra special touch.


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