If you're going to use collagen. Always check for these 5 things. -By Elin

If you're going to use collagen. Always check for these 5 things. -By Elin

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With all the different collagens on the market. No wonder you are confused. There's bovine, marine and the misleading plant collagen. 

If you are choosing between collagens always check the following: 

The amount of amino acids present. Collagen should have all 8 of the 9 essential amino acids. 

The amount of protein per serving. Ours delivers 10.000mg per serving. Many will deliver less mainly because the collagen formula has more than one ingredient. 

The amount of ingredients present in the collagen. Many products include fillers or preservatives but many will also include hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. If you're looking for collagen with those ingredients, always check the entire list of ingredients as many of those are tablets or capsules that require stabilisers of liquid collagens that require preservatives. Some will also be serums (topical collagen). More is not merrier when it comes to collagen.

Check for clinical evidence and science backed data. Noways this is available in the public domain. Both bovine and marine collagen are extensively researched and trialled. The efficacy of using them has been proven.

Check for sustainability. Marine products reduce waste as fish skins are discarded during processing. Bovine products may use grass fed kettle but co2 emissions can be high. Look for sustainability certification. 

Ask yourself what you need the collagen for. Some collagens are type 1 and 3 like ours, others are primarily type 1 and others have further combinations.

Don't fall for the plant collagen trap. Collagen is an animal derived product. Plant based or vegan collagen does not exist. When you see plant collagen marketed it's more of a superfood product that claims to boost collagen production. Often without any clinical evidence. It's not collagen you're consuming but foods and fruits that will boost oxygen levels which may help maintain a healthy skin but does the product retain moisture in the skin? Does it offer 8 of 9 amino acids? What's the level of protein? Loads of fruits, superfoods and food will help boost collagen but you'd have to eat a lot of those particular foods to get the same amount of protein a collagen would offer. 

Sample a few and test: It will depend how you want to consume the collagen. Most of our customers add it to coffee. Others will want to add it to smoothies or porridge etc etc. Test your samples for taste (in your coffee or smoothie) and dissolution (does it clump or dissolve fully) for your best collagen experience!

Using collagen shouldn't be a drag or boring. That's why we create all these amazing recipes for you to try different things. Don't get bored of your collagen coffee when you can swap it for a good collagen smoothie or in your morning porridge! Your creativity is your only limitation here!

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