Joint Care for millennials. Why joint inflammation is common among the young and fit.

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If you think it's just the just the “elderly” that suffer from joint pain, you're wrong. Millennials have got it too!

We get many 25-35 year olds come to us and ask for collagen to relieve joint pain. It's mainly knee pain that our millennial customers complaints about. These lifestyle attributes are contributing to this:

  • Sitting at a desk all day.
  • Working at a computer all day
  • Run around the workplace in heels.
  • Not enough exercise.
  • Too much exercise.

I (Elin) started getting joint inflammation at the age of 25. I was healthy, fit and exercised regularly during my hobby sailing. I still get sore knees and swelling, sometimes after a jog in the woods!

Marine Collagen got my back. And my knees.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‘I've been using the marine collagen powder for over a year and believe it is doing me some good. I suffer from osteoporosis and wanted this to help with bone health. It's so easy to use, I put it in my black coffee in the morning, there is no taste or aftertaste.’


So how best to use it? In your coffee! See the 12 secs video here:



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