Wellness Lab who?

Wellness Lab who?

wellness lab elin

Hi I’m Elin, founder of Wellness Lab!

Here’s the story of how it all began:

I started added collagen to my coffee in 2016, when I started feeling joint pain and inflammation caused by sport related strain on my poor knees. I tried loads products including marine collagen and fish oils. Most things felt fishy or didn’t dissolve in my coffee. Until one day I found the collagen I really liked, no fishy taste and how beautifully it dissolved in my coffee! I was already pretty addicted to coffee and didn’t want to take collagen capsules that had added ingredients that I didn’t want in my body.

All this led me down an unexpected path of research and clinical data that I knew I had to do something about.

Before I knew it I was blending, shaking and baking marine collagen with different superfoods. I kept getting blown away with the versatility, playfulness and the good taste of the powders combined.

Blending since 2016 and now we’re here!

Today Wellness Lab is a small but a mighty team of industry experts, latte specialists and foodies. Wellness Lab is a science backed and research led nutrition lab that believes in beautifying coffee, gut loving lattes and sunshine smoothies.

We know good joints, guts and skin starts from within and we are on a mission to make you a nutritious colour popping food with our Marine Collagen and Superfood Lattes.

BLEND IT, SHAKE IT and BAKE IT with ingredients that are just as fabulous as you!🍌🥑  



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