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Coconut Bowls & Bamboo Straws

Coconut Bowls & Bamboo Straws

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This super cute coconut bowl is ideal for your morning smoothie, gut loving yoghurt or skin boosting porridge. Use these ingredients to make your bowl pop with colour. 

The coconut bowl can hold warm and cold contents. It's fabulous with our bamboo straw. They're just a natural pair. They bond. 

The bowl is a hard shell and won't easily break. Always hand wash and dry it after use to keep the bowl lasting a long time. Do not heat or microwave the bowl. 

Colour and shape mismatch may occur with the bowl. As the shape is natural, each bowl is unique and the bottom is not entirely flat. Bear it in mind when you pour your goodness into it. You'll be fine if you have a table. You won't be fine if you're on a rocking boat.

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