Type I III marine collagen UK

Marine Collagen Pills or Powder: Which is better?

Type I III marine collagen UK wellness labMarine Collagen, whether it's a tablet/capsule or powder (hydrolysed collagen) essentially these dietary supplements will deliver the same results and health benefits. Collagen tablets are simply encapsulated collagen powder, with no additional benefits over the powder. 

Which collagen supplement should you choose? Well, it really depends on your preference. If you are someone who wants a plain and simple way of consuming collagen supplements, just like you take your regular vitamins and supplements or even medicines with a glass of water, then collagen tablets could be your choice. However, be aware of the following things:

  1. If you have trouble digesting supplements or certain food in general then you may find it hard to break down a tablet rather than pure powder.
  2. The capacity of capsules is limited and hence you may need to take more tablets to intake the same amount that a scoop of collagen powder delivers.
  3. Not all collagen tablets or capsules will have the same amount of marine collagen as 2 tsp of our collagen (2 tsp = 10g of protein). Read carefully how much collagen each tablet will give you of protein.

Why Marine Collagen Powder?

Marine collagen powder is a good choice when you want your supplementation to be more of an adventure and fun! It is currently the most popular choice of collagen supplement and it’s not a surprise when seeing how fun it can be to use the powder in baking, cooking and latte making. Consumers love to blend it into their favourite food and beverages. They enjoy mixing it in both hot and cold beverages: tea, coffee, latte, smoothies, juice and even milk shakes! Among food, people mix it into pancake batter, oatmeal, porridge or cereals. Your options are literally endless and the variety of food and beverages that you can consume in which marine collagen readily dissolves, is immense! If you feel like exploring your options, check out our range of delicious recipes and learn how you can blend, shake and bake your marine collagen powder!

Type I III marine collagen UK wellness labMost people choose unflavoured collagen powder supplement as it can be mixed in almost any beverage and food without altering the taste, however there are flavoured ones out there too if you prefer. Apart from the fun of mixing it in your favourite food and drink, consumers also prefer collagen powder because it's easy and convenient to control the amount of collagen you want to supplement. Wellness Lab Marine Collagen Powder is flavourless 100% hydrolysed marine collagen, it’s rich in collagen type 1 and 3 and is made in the UK.


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