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Latte Milk Frother

Latte Milk Frother

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Choose between a DOUBLE OR TRIPLE WHISK.

Powerful DOUBLE OR TRIPLE WHISK milk frother for making the perfect latte or cappuccino. Can also be used as an egg beater or used for baked goods. 

More powerful than a single whisk. Froths excellent hot milk for your latte! 

Make your own superfood latte with our probiotic superfoods or froth a cappuccino with our marine collagen.

High quality stainless steel that is easy to clean but always keep water away from the main body and batteries when washing.

We test every frother for damages or malfunction! No faulty items from us!

You need 3x AAA Batteries to operate it. (Not included)

How to use: Heat milk on a hub and pour into a pitcher. Scoop your superfoods or collagen into a mug and add a little hot water to dilute/dissolve your powder. Then put the frother in the milk and press the button, make sure to hold the frother like the picture shows to have complete control. Always keep the frother submerged in milk before pressing the button otherwise it may cause a splash of hot milk! Then pour the frothed milk slowly into your cup. With practice you can make beautiful decorations in your mug!

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